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Corporate Immigration is targeted towards business professionals who wish to move across borders for business purposes. Subuhi Siddiqui Immigration Law Firm (SSLF) is the right law firm for you with regards to your corporate immigration needs. We have successfully moved individuals  and skilled workers internationally across borders into and from Canada.

SSLF has the necessary experience and specific knowledge in the following Corporate Immigration Applications:

  • Intra-company transfers (Management Consultant or Specialized Knowledge);
  • Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA) with or without a Work Permit, along with ongoing correspondence with Service Canada;
  • LMIA Exempt Work Permits;
  • NAFTA Work Permits ; and
  • Business Visitors to Canada.

Along with successfully working on your application, we provide additional services. Examples of these services are:

  • Advising https://www.viagrapascherfr.com/viagra-pour-femme-video/ on appropriate supporting business and corporate documentation;
  • Preparing client for their conversation with a Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) Officer at a Canadian port-of-entry;
  • Preparing employers for their conversation with a Service Canada officer; and
  • Advising on contentious and specific situations such as inadmissibility issues.


Following the new Express Entry regulations, points will be awarded for a qualifying job offer under specific work permits. These work permits are:

  • Individuals with a work permit issued under North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA); and
  • Individuals with a work permit issued under the ‘significant benefits to Canada’ criteria, such as Intra-Company Transfers.

In order to qualify, the individual has to be:

  • Employed and working in Canada for a period of at least one (1) year; and
  • The job offer has to be made by the same employer who is named on the work permit.


Please contact Subuhi Siddiqui Immigration Law Firm for your immigration, citizenship or status matter. To set up a consultation, give us a call at (647) 454-9364 or e-mail us at subuhi@ssimmigration.ca.