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The Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act came into effect on July 1, 1983.

These acts gives Canadian citizens, permanent residents, temporary residents, or any individual who is currently present in Canada the legal opportunity to obtain their immigration history and information.


This acts provides individuals the right to access records that are under the control of the federal government. We can make a request for information under this act.


This act gives individual the right to access and request correction of their personal information which is held by a government institution. We can make a request under this act for your personal information that is held by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


An Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) request can be made for a scenario where you would like to access some information that is with the federal government. Some of the reasons we have submitted an ATIP request are the following:

  • An application has passed the processing time and one needs to inquire why there is a delay in the processing;
  • An application has been refused with no reasons provided in the refusal letter;
  • An application has been refused with reasons but the reasons are vague and generic;
  • An applicant wants to see her/his immigration history that has been submitted to CIC or visa office;
  • An applicant wants to clarify that all the information provided to CIC or a visa office is accurate and true;
  • An applicant has changed lawyers and has no record of what was previously submitted on his behalf; and
  • An applicant wants to inquire about his current status in Canada.

SSLF has submitted numerous ATIP applications to CIC on behalf of our clients. The processing time is usually six (6) to eight (8) weeks. Depending on your immigration history, the information we receive varies from a couple of pages to hundreds of pages.

Once SSLF receives a ATIP record, we evaluate the information in dept and advise the client on the next steps that have to be taken based on the information in the record. This information is not easy is decipher  and we highly encourage you contact us either when you want to apply for an ATIP record or once you receive it and want to fully understand it.

Please contact Subuhi Siddiqui Immigration Law Firm for your immigration, citizenship or status matter. To set up a consultation, give us a call at (647) 454-9364 or e-mail us at subuhi@ssimmigration.ca.