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Unfortunately, some immigration matters are refused by CIC or specific visa offices. Before appealing the refusal or going to Federal Court for a Judicial Review, there is an opportunity for the  decision to be reconsidered by the decision maker. Although getting a decision reserved is not always guaranteed, if advocated well, the decision can be overturned or the decision maker can request additional documentation.

Subuhi Siddiqui has written numerous reconsideration letters where the decision maker either reconsidered the decision or asked for additional documentation and reopened the file. This has helped clients as they do not have to invest their time and money going to Federal Court. Our reconsideration package is much more affordable than going to Federal Court.

Sometimes, the refusal letter will include the following sentence: if you believe you have good reason for us to reconsider our decision, you may email or mail us an explanation for why we would reconsider our decision and provide supporting documents. That is what we will do for you, even if the refusal letter does not include the above sentence. Our reconsideration package, which consists of a well-written advocacy submission and supporting documentation, addressed the concerns of the decision maker as well as the reasons why they application was refused. At times, we also include Humanitarian and Compassionate factors to compel the decision maker to reconsider their decision.

Notify SSLF immediately if you receive a refusal for an application you have submitted as there is a time limit associated with these letters. Also, we also keep in mind the specifics deadlines to appeal or go to Federal Court regarding the refusal. Refusal letters needs to be completed either within the deadline provided to us by CIC or the visa office or within the time period to appeal the decision. 

Due to the urgent nature of this matter, please contact us as soon as possible in order for us to submit a complete and strong reconsideration package on your behalf.

Please contact Subuhi Siddiqui Immigration Law Firm for your immigration, citizenship or status matter. To set up a consultation, give us a call at (647) 454-9364 or e-mail us at subuhi@ssimmigration.ca.